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Weaponizing The Truth In the 2010 Elections

April 30, 2010

The final week of the electoral campaign is upon us.

It is no surprise that apart from the ‘regular mudslinging’ that’s been the hallmark of this political season, black propaganda operators who’ve harnessed email and text blasts as weapons of choice are putting their internet-powered activities in full throttle.

Even the socnet platforms led by FaceBook and Twitter are now peppered with black propaganda posts and mind-bending information packaged to seem revelatory about this and that candidate’s qualities that make him or her unfit for public office, high or low.

We all know that what makes these operations potentially damaging and always hurtful is the ingredient of truth in these attacks in varying degrees and hues.

“As is meant to be pure, when you weaponize it and contaminate its delivery with hidden agendas and ulterior motives, then it becomes less a simple statement of facts and instead is transformed into a tool for manipulation,” a dear friend told me today.”

“The problem with these subtle manipulations is that usually, these are the ones that plant doubt in your mind, the kind you have trouble shaking off. It is powerful because it gets mis-identified as gut feeling”or intuition.”

Being a female of high intellect, my friend’s bullshit detector is as powerful as the Hubble Telescope and Hadron  Collider combined.

As we wound up our conversation , given that she is in another time zone, my friend and I agreed that “mrketers and spinmeisters recognize that negative feelings are harder to overturn, that’s why campaigns always eventually turn negative.”

“They eventually acknowledge that, unfortunately, human nature is such that we remember the bad stuff more than we do the good stuff.”

“This is our task, our burden: to go beyond these “emotional” responses and vote responsibly.

Educate yourself properly about the choices.

For all you know, you only “think” you’re voting by heart, when in fact whatever is in your heart was put there by the puppet masters.”

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