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Jojo Binay Under Fire: The 1996 ‘Affair’

May 1, 2010

He is correct. This is a black prop hit. But there are deeper implications.

Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) vice presidential bet Jejomar Binay:

Ah, nangyari po yon, ‘di ko tinatanggi yon. Ito ho e, humingi ho ako ng tawad sa asawa ko. Tao rin naman ho ako, nagkakaroon din ako ng kasalanan (It (the extra-marital affair) happened. I’m not denying it.

I asked by wife [Dra. Elenita Binay] for forgiveness. I am human, too, and commit sins). I made a mistake and I was sorry for that. I already atoned for my sin. If I didn’t get to this point where my ratings go up every day and that I probably would win the elections, this issue wouldn’t have come up. This is black propaganda.

Pictures of Binay and his alleged mistress have been circulating in the Internet, including the popular online social media Facebook.

Current Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado (who is running against his former allies son Junjun for the mayorship of Makati is predictably exploiting the issue with not a few Binay people in City Hall see Mercado’s fingerprint on the revelation on the Binay dalliance which reported took place in 1996.

The images of Binay and his former mistress showing them in lovey-dovey poses in several foreign locations were displayed on the video wall during the Friday evening miting de avance campaign rally of Mercado in Makati.

In the recent past, Mercado was considered  ‘the keeper of Mayor Jojo’s secrets’ with wagging tongues at City Hall saying the vice mayor was ‘bagman for under the table deals. Mercado has not spilled any secrets given his alleged participation in the ‘cash-sunduans’.

Filipinos will have two minds about this episode.

Some will just shrug their shoulders noting that Binay anyway is the running mate of come-backing former president Erap Estrada who jokes that the ‘p’ in Erap stands for philanderer.

Many others will be disappointed that Binay, who is inarguably a top performing local executive, had violated his marital vows in this predominantly Catholic nation of hours.

But where, indeed, is our society headed if fidelity to our spouses can all so easily be shrug off and dismissed as intrigue or black prop?

Is this now the new ‘standard’?

Extending the question, what of fidelity to public office as a public trust?.

Honesty and integrity trashed and gutted. So much for being fit for office.


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