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Our Sanity At Risk (2nd Update)

May 4, 2010

This really cuts it close, so close that you can smell failure.

The COMELEC is now recalling, all the 76,000 compact flash discs of the PCOS machines intended for yse in this Monday’s watershed automated elections.

Election officials will now have to complete the task of replacing the discs, testing, resealing, and deploying the PCOS gear by the eve of election day!!!

If this is not a logistical nightmare, nothing else it.

And you know what angers?

Cesar Flores, the Smartmatic president for Asia has the gall to call the malfunction of the vote counting gear due to misconfigured flash memory cards as having given only “contradictory results.”

In turn, COMELEC commissioners said  THEY STILL ARE NOT WORRIED!!!

One glaring fact also is: 180,640 memory cards were purchased. Two Memory Cards are alloted per precinct cluster (one firmware, one data) yields a requirement of 150,942 memory cards.

This aspect was among the concerns cited by independent IT experts three days ago:

Why are there 29,698 spare memory cards available??? (39% of the total number of clustered precincts) Have these been pre-programmed for some other purpose, many are now asking.

The nationwide final testing and sealing of the voting machines has been pushed back to May 9 .

Now the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting has decided to carry out its own unofficial parallel manual count in cooperation with the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas.

Well and good.

The Jose Melo-led poll body can huff and puff all it wants but the way it has outsourced the management of the balloting to the foreign firm Smartmatic (widely rumored to be owned by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez) is shameful and shameless.

I am still praying hard for the polls to succeed notwithstanding how the COMELEC is cutting its faulty preparations too close to E=Day.

Will the COMELEC gods be ready to hang their heads in shame if the exercise fails?


Former energy secretary Angelo Reyes barged into the COMELEC presscon angrily denouncing what he said in the COMELEC’s seeming involvement in the loss of public faith in the electoral process and demanded that both COMELEC and Smartmatic be investigation and those responsible for the PCOS failures charged…

Makati Representative Teddyboy Locsin responded to what appeared to a a grand standting stunt saying,”and we will investigate and hang those responsible for our power crisis!”

Reyes left the room after that with a parting shot that he made the call as a taxpayers, Reyes in a nominees of a public transport party-list curiously called 1UTAK.

Metro Manila Mayors’ League president Benhur Abalos (son of former COMELEC chair Benjamin Abalos) is now proposing that COMELEC conduct a manual count with other groups reiterating their appeal for a parallel manual vote count.

There will be hell to pay.

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