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Malacanan 2010

May 7, 2010

Above all else this is about integrity and trust worthiness.

In 1965 a pompadoured Ilokano promised us he’d “make this nation great again.”

We all know where Ferdinand E. Marcos brought us, so much so that our militarized bureaucracy and politicized military have never been the same.
9 years ago an economics professor took power by maneuvering the ‘constructive resignation’ of the incumbent.

As it turns out, the outgoing chief executive is so diatrusted that her corruption=pock msrks reign is considered worse than FM’s

Now we are at a possibly redefining moment in our history with the rich filthy rich and the poor on the edge of survival.

This injustice must end.

It is no wonder then that to a man, the ‘presidentiables ‘ have platforms crafted around the theme of banishing corruption so public funds will be spent for the public good or another saying it’s alright to dream about becoming rich.

But we know only too well that talk is cheap, specially talk laced with lies.

Everyone talks about track record.

But track record in what?

The  inability to contain the proliferation of private armies used to rig the polls? The tracks record to duplicate the policies of his patroness?

Or how about one trapo’s track record in using the influence of high office to ake policies favor his businesses?

What about mixing religion with public governance and possibly turning the Philippines into a theocracy?

Or should we have so-called  ‘transformatory leadership’ anchored on Marcosian tenets of routinely violating civil rights and claiming credit for the hard work of ordinary. ‘I-me-myself- leaders is what many call it.

Is this how our country should be run?

This writer will have none of these.

Our next leaders should be men of integrity and vision who see their ascension to high office as a covenant of service and contract to so justice to our long unanswered dream and aspiration.

I pick Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas.

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