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The Light At Tunnel’s End?

May 8, 2010

Have you ever gone into a darkened room with just a glimmer of light or entered a tunnel with that proverbial light shimmering at the far end?

This is feeling I have with 48 hours before the 2010 vote which will not simply consign the 9-year-reign of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to unlamented history but also bring our system of electing leaders into the 21st century of digital, near error-free accuracy.

May 10, 2010 should, indeed, be recorded as a watershed – the day those dull chrome painted metal ballot boxes were replaced by corrosion-free, partly opaque hard plastic receptacles for ballots 28 inches long were the votes are recorded through shaded ovals instead of hand-written names.

And the most high-tech part?

The automated counting, transmission, and canvassing of the votes with the official proclamation to be done by the various provincial boards of canvassers.

All these tasks, the Commission on Elections guarantees, will be over in 4 days or less barring the glitches that bedeviled the run-up to May 10 ranging from the non-responding precinct count optical vote scanning machines to data transmission failures and the wrongly configured PCOS flash memory discs.

There are still the recently confirmed issues about the poll automation system source codes.

Down South in Mindanao there are more palpable threats – the presence of 72 private armies armed and operated by political warlords and the power outages from the deficient power grid.

So it is that we are approaching the 10th of May with the mixed feelings of dread and hope.

In God We Must Trust.

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