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President Noynoy Aquino

May 13, 2010

Filipinos are flushed.

Not over El Nino’s excruciating  heat.

We’re flushed with the liberating feeling that Monday’s automated elections did not end in failure that could very well have triggered a social upheaval.

Filipinos are cheering about the eminent end of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s 9-year-long hold of power –  a reign that while marked with sustained economic growth has been pockmarked by unmitigated corruption in the upper reaches of government and the erosion of the rule of law.

So it is that Senator Noynoy Aquino is scoring a landslide victory that eclipses even Erap Estrada’s victory in 1998.

Aquino’s down to earth battle cry – no one will be poor if there is no corruption – struck the most resonant chord among Filipino voters long tired, nay, disgusted by mis-governance that saw 70 pesos of every 100 drawn from public coffers going to the pockets of conspiring public officials and private contractors.

The President-elect must know full well that Filipinos expect him to deliver on his promise of a new dawn in Philippine society, long the sick man of Asia – tagged as second corrupting in South East Asia and least attractive to foreign capital investments with 2,500 of its people leaving for foreign shores each day to support their families.

Filipinos will be counting on their new President to hit the ground running with immediate house-cleaning efforts in the agencies of government notorious for graft and corrupt practices of the most abhorrent kind.

Don’t let these high hopes daunt you, President Noy.

We don’t expect you to be our magical silver bullet that will extract the deep-rooted cancer.

But please be our bright beacon to meaningful change. Lead and we will follow.

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