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A New Dawn’s Eve?

May 20, 2010

We are supposed to be looking at the break of a new day for Philippine politics, and governance.

God knows we need it bad.

So one might be forgiven it there are expectations of genuineness and substance rather than fakery and superfluity.

But what is playing out even ahead of the formal affirmation of the new morn under the leadership of the only son for heroes Ninoy and Cory Aquino.

He has tried to steer away from the quite annoying eruptions and puclic machinations.

But here’s what’s on show:

The public confirmation that a significant segment of the family-driven Aquino political campaign structure junking Mar Roxas for Jejomar Binay, ostensibly because of the Makati strongman’s historical affinity with the Aquinos’ fight against the dictatorship.


Never mind lingering and well known questions regarding honest governance in Makati and the cornerstone anti-corruption posture of the President apparent and the Liberal Party which still has Roxas as president.

Witness, too, the public jockeying of position-seeking personages eager to cash in on their pro-Aquino campaign investments.

On the other side is the comical posturing of the congressional lapdogs of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who are alternately boasting that they’ll install Congresswoman Gloria as Speaker and Malacanang now hurriedly saying she’s not at all interested in being Speake but will be content at being like India’s Sonia Gandhi (who’s chosen to be a regular MP but remain politically influential).

Swing back the pendulum and you now hear Noynoy’s handlers saying that he’s given up that cutesy idea of taking his oath at 15th President before a barangay captain just to spite GMA’s ‘midnight CJ, Renato Corona.

It may seem harsh for such criticism to be leveled at the incoming President this early but he must wield the whip and assert moral and principled leadership while Arroyo’s antics hastened hr journey into political oblivion.

Leadership, substantive and purposeful, must be the order of the day, please pretty please.

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