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Hocus PCOS And Robin The Panda (Updated With TeddyBoy Locsin)

May 20, 2010

Who’s trying to rain on the parade?

This question nags as Congress is just days away from the national canvass that’s going to cap the landslide electoral victory of President-apparent Noynoy Aquino and validate the success of the Philippines’ first ever automated vote count and canvass.

Who’s pulling the strings and spinning the hocus-PCOS tale of ‘Robin’, now dubbed as the Panda whistle blower.

Over the past 72 hours Robin has tried to back up his story with supposed extra official ballots and schematics of a ‘player precinct count optical scan machine’ which he says was able, at will, to supplant vote result transmissions from clustered precincnts.

He even gave wholesale estimates of the votes their e-fraud operations allegedly shaved from the tallies of top presidential and vice presidential aspirants.

We can chew on these incredible claims and supposed details as either parts of a devilish tail or tall tale that can give us sleepless nights.

But unless and until Panda Robin and his puppeteers cough up credible and unassailable pieces of evidence, my money is with COMELEC and the PPCRV:

PPCRV national chairwoman Henrietta De Villa:

These are very small, insignificant discrepancies, but there was no pattern of fraud. The election was clean; I have no second thoughts about that. If there were attempts at cheating, it was not very systematic.

Ana de Villa-Singson, PPCRV media communications director:

“There are 29 precincts where the data in the ER does not exactly match the transmitted data. When we say it doesn’t match, it doesn’t mean all data do not match. It just means that at least one data or tally does not match. So with 29 discrepancies… we noticed a discrepancy of encoded versus transmitted of 0.07 percent.”

Makati City Rep. Teodoro “Teddyboy’’ Locsin Jr. :
“How can you summon a koala bear to a meeting of the House? That man is in a mask and a man with a mask is not entitled to anything. The Comelec has said that that man has made general allegations of fraud and anybody can make general allegations.”

Comelec Chairman Jose Melo:

“I am surprised and it makes everybody jump. This is obviously something to derail the elections. But he has not even identified himself, he does not give specifics. The only serious thing I heard is that Mayor Binay gave P1 billion for this operation and Senator Roxas also gave some money but it was not that much. He should come out to identify himself and give specific charges.”


At the hearing of the House Committee on Suffrrage and Poll Automation, Rep. TeddyBoy Locsin berated Smartmatic officials who appeared nonchalant is answering queries from lawmakers aghast at the errors in the PCOS transmissions.

Locsin methinks voiced out the exasperation of the Filiipino public over how the Venezuelan Smartmatic executives have in past weeks been bumbling the poll automation process:

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