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Getting Their Just Desserts

May 21, 2010

Was Rep. TeddyBoy Locsin justified in hurling invectives at the Venezuelan officials of Smartmatic?

I most certainly think so despite what was an inarguably uncivil act for a lawmaker.

But me thinks these smug jokers from COMELEC’s pampered poll automation outsourcer had it coming.

In the weeks leading up to yesterday congressional hearings, these Venezuelan have been insultingly cavalier in their wholesale dismissal of the mounting substantiated complaints of their PCOS machines malfunctioning, with the problems ranging rrom the misconfigured memory cards to the inability of their touted satellite data uplinks to send vote data through even tree branches and their telco SIM cards being unable to reach cell sites.

To all and sundry it was painfully obvious that they either did do their homework subjecting their technology to stringent tests attuned to Philippine conditions or that they simply felt we Filipinos simply had to take their word for it.

It was simply the last straw when during the hearing six losing candidates presented material proof  of how the PCOS transmission were susceptible to manipulation.

We are such a pliant and trusting people that these Venezuelans feel they can keep on yanking our chains!!!

While this writer is not yet convinced there was wholesale digital vote shifting andv shaving in the May 10 polls, I certainly believe the Venezuelans deserve the public tongue lashing they’ve received and more.

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