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GMA And Her Pet Tuko (Gecko)

May 22, 2010

Pampanga congresswoman-elect, outgoing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo keeps a friendly gecko lizard (tuko) pet in her Lubao house as her unconventional way of adapting to the threat of  climate change.

She says the public should use gecko lizards, instead of using chemical repellents to get rid of house pests: Hindi kami gumagamit ng chemical pest control para sa aming mosquito. Gumagamit kami ng tuko. Bumibili ako ng tuko at pinakawalan at ‘yung tuko ang kumakain ng mosquito at kumakain ng cockroach. Yun ang tinatawag na integrated pest management  (We don’t resort into chemical pest control against mosquitoes. We use gecko lizard. I bought gecko lizard and set it free and the gecko lizard eats mosquito and cockroach).

A most sensible and even cost effective tip as anyone will agree.

But her message mavens could have perhaps suggested a tweaked message given the changing political wind.

GMA’s reference to the gecko has unavoidably triggered the analogy of her widely suspected ploy of hanging on to power to the gecko’s unique ability to tightly grab on surfaces if anyone tried to remove it.

Unfair and below the belt really.

But given the lingering suspicions that she’s gunning to be House Speaker (notwithstanding on and off denials), it’s hard for critics to spot the link between Mrs. Arroyo, her pet gecko, and its proverbial ‘kapit-tuko’ powers.


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