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Electoral Worms

May 24, 2010

Disconcerting is the mildest adjective I can think of.

Into the 4th day of house hearings on complaint of E-Fraud in the elections, we’re worms coming out.

First described in the dismissive phrase “glitches”, there appears to be a severely disturbing pattern of PCOS failures, electronic vote tally printouts being fake or highly erroneous and even of ‘official’ ballots bet trimmed so they’d fit into the fax machine-like automated vote count gear.

What ride have we been taken on?

With TeddyBoy Locsin appearing to have recovered his equanimity, the focused questions at the hearing are revealing that there were fraud ‘operators’ bogus or bot, had tried to offer ‘cheat package deals’ to various local candidate guaranteeing theim victory with the non-takers losing versus opponent who supposedly did little campaign sinre they ‘bought’ the fraud offers.

This ‘wormy’ stories are buttressed by the emerging reality that legally mandated digital signatures and UV security mark readers built into the PCOS were turned off on the flimsy premise of their being non-critical or because it was resorted to for some other excuse.

Already there are rumblings of graft charges againt election official who allowed the shenanigans to take place inadvertently or not.

Bah and double bah!!!

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