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Robin’s Handlers Unmasked?

May 24, 2010

And so the tale unravels.

The voluble but sensible Rep. TeddyBoy Locsin has tagged former executive secretary Eddie Ermita as the source of the video tape pseudo expose on the digital incarnation of Garci with the names of outgoing Speaker Prospero Nograles and defeated Manila mayoralty bet and ex environment boss Lito also in the brew.

These  mens’ common denominator?

All three are GMA loyalists and all tasted their boss’s kiss of death at the polls.

Shame, shame on you.

Eat humble pie, Mr. Rick Saludo or better yet, dump your mug into the rotten pie.

While the details are spilling out, people should also start asking Mr. Thelmo’ Buddy’ Cunanan where he got the video he first showed the CBCP forum at Ilustrado resto.

Cunanan is, by the way, son of Inquirer columnist Bel Cunanan.

Another curious note: Mr. Buddy was a declared supporter of Manny Villar and early in the campaign also backed Gibo Teodoro.

I hope we get believable explanations all around.

Interestingly murky way to start the week.


The people handling ‘Robin’ have posted thaeir self-produced video of the supposed expose on YouTube running in several installments.

Here’s part II where e talks about how they committed E-Fraud:

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