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Sore Losers Or Fraud Victims? (Updated)

May 25, 2010

“There are no losers in Philippine electoral contests. There are simply victims of fraud.”

This statement was supposed to become an unlamented relic of the past after that recent first-ever electronic vote tallies nationwide along with lightning quick electronic canvasses.

But the incidents of PCOS machine failures described as “glitches” are creating a nightmarish snapshot that threatens to turn into a mural indicting the poll automation process in a wholesale manner.

Filipino taxpayers spent PhP 7.2-B to lease the system from a Venezuelan firm which forge a nominal midnight partnership with a Filipino firm that really had no track record to speak of.

In the congressional hearings thus far it has become clear that the C omission on Elections had, for all intents and purposes, outsourced its very constitutional mandate.

It has also come to light that despite edicts in the poll automation law and e-commerce law the required electronic signatures were dispensed with.

Now losing candidates at the local, congressional and national levels are crying e-fraud with admissions that they were approached by men claiming to have the ability and technology to implement not just vote shaving but also crediting such stolen votes to client candidates for enormous fees.

No one among the complaining ‘losers’ has admitted ever negotiating with the operators.

The issue is becoming more muddled each passing day with election official at a loss how to explain what went wrong and have tried to simply dare the alleged whistle blower to “remove tour mask.”

A side issue is how administration bets have come out to say they barely got any financial help at all from Lakas-Kampi-CMD .

Three of the defeated presidential aspirants – Nick Perlas, Jamby Madrigal and JC Delos Reyes have even banded together in a crusade against electronic Garci.

The joint congressional canvass expects to proceed unimpeded this week with the winning presidential and vice presidential candidates expected to be proclaimed well ahead of June 30.

Everyone but everyone can’t wait for a new administration to take over the reins of power.
Most surely the other election protests will simply be marked “noted”.

Manual or automated, the character of Philippine elections has not yet genuinely changed.

Yes the counts came quick but so did the fraud it seems.


As the joint congressional canvassing session approved its rule today the house committee inquiry into alleged electronic Garci had a surprise visitor in the person of former Marcos-era assemblyman Homobono Adaza.

His mouthful of a claim: four COMELEC regional directors supposedly offered t ‘operate’ the elections for the princely sum of one billion pesos!!!

He didn’t name names but told Congressmen TeddyBoy Locsin and Mat Defensor he was “ready to whisper their names.”

Amazingly outrageous but this brought to mind a recent NewsBreak report that the original men of shamed commissioner Virgilio Garcillano remain enytrenched in key areas in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Adaza’s claims bear serious watching.


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