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The Bigger Losers In 2010

May 27, 2010

The operative phrase in the 2010 elections has been cutting it close.

This was how the Commission on Elections and its Venezuelan technology and automated vote count supplier Smartmatic cut it.

All the way from the manufacture and delivery of those Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines, the PCOS compact flash cards and as it turns even the all-critical Congressional canvassing servers.

So what have we ended up with in exchange for PhP 7.2-B?

Misconfigured and malfunctioning gear and conmen pretending to gave the master ability for both localized and wholesale digital Dagdag Bawas.

The latest shocking revelation?

Businessman Manuel Morato saying he was offered one billion pesos to convince administration bet Gilbert Teodoro his victory could be guaranteed.

Even the damn Congressional canvassing servers were never tested and certified, reflection a voting population five times the actual count and equivalent to the population of Indonesia!!!

Information technology expects had warned about this debacle all along.

But their red flags were quite simply waved away in cavalier fashion by COMELEC and Smartmatic!!!

The latest part of the extravaganza: the abysmal ignorance of our law makers  about even the rudimentary  technical aspects of computer technology.

And with Smartmatic throwing in the gobbledygook about 128-bit data encryption technology, they really had as for the ride.

Now every Tom, Dick, and Harry who lost in the May 10 balloting are shouting “open up the ballot boxes and undertake a manual count!.”

All this for PhP7.s billion big ones!!!

We are  the bigger fools!!!

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