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The Race For The Vice Presidency: A Post Mortem (Final Update)

June 4, 2010

The question of who will be our next Vice President is no longer a simple electoral contest.

Nearly one month after Filipinos partook in their first ever automated election, the VP tilt has become a sordid affair with all the hallmarks of old fashioned Philippine electoral fraud tempered with electronic voodoo.

Exiting Makati Mayor Jejomar ‘Jojo’ Binay is readying his best barong tagalong for his ‘almost certain’ victory as the Commission on Election has, without deliberation, ignored that assertion of the camp of Senator Mar Roxas that there was an incredibly huge number of ‘null’ or stray votes in the vise presidential contest totaling 2.6-M votes.

There’s also now a separate analysis from an IT expert that Roxas could have been the victim of the trademark Dagdag Bawas in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao with the Liberal Party president being robbed of some 1.4 to 1.6-M votes.

Now if these two machinations were not enough to deprive Roxas of the nation’s second highest elective post, there is also the confirmed maneuver of his having been junked by people inside the Noynoy Aquino campaign organization and even relatives of the president-elect.

This writer will be unfair if he does not report information confirmed by a senior campaign insider that “key members of the team of Sen. Mar seem to have become over confident as pre-election surveys showed Mar well ahead of his rivals.”

Other ‘secret weapons’ contributing to Mr. Binay’s strong showing in the vice presidential battle have remained largely unreported in mainstream media,

These are the all out mobilization of his fraternity – the Alpha Phi Omega which has a national membership of well over 150-thousand, not counting the membership of it auxiliary sorority. Sources inside APO confirmed that they began mobilizing for Binay in 2008 across all professions, reinforcing his early ground work for a run at the presidency that had the Makati mayor cultivating sisterhood agreements with other local government units.

Binay is also the national president of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

Insisting that the “null votes” in the vice-presidential race should be counted, Liberal Party officials are questioning what they call “alarming” trends and incidents in certain provinces that suggest electoral fraud.

LP campaign manager Butch Abad and IT security expert Anton Bonifacio are citing their analysis of the vote showing a very high turnout – up to 98 percent – in places in Central Mindanao where Jejomar Binay led over Roxas.

In areas where Roxas led – Eastern and Central Visayas – the LP notes a large number of “null votes,” even bigger than vote-rich areas like Metro Manila and Southern Tagalog.

Butch Abad:

If you recall during the ‘Hello Garci’ scandal, there were many observations made by FPJ [the late actor Fernando Poe Jr.] that there were many precincts where there was a large turnout of voters. This might be a possible indication that vote-padding might have happened to enhance the performance of other candidates. There were even clustered precincts where Roxas did not get a single vote. We’re only raising questions like, number one, statistical impossibility that all would vote for one person and these are precincts that are clustered so the degree of impossibility even becomes greater.

The joint Congressional National Board of Canvassers has decided, somewhat theatrically, to set the culmination of the canvass for Monday with 5 remaining provincial certificates accounting for 1.4-million votes.

As of 4:09 p.m. on Thursday, the National Board of Canvassers tally in Congress showed that Binay was leading with 13,064,791votes while Roxas was in close second with 12,239,635 votes.

With Binay’s lead at 825,156 votes it is unlikely but arithmetically possible for Roxas to close the gap.

Not many are betting on this, though.

No one will be surprised if the Roxas camp does file a post proclamation protest.

I will not hold my breath waiting for such protest to be resolved.

The question of import as far as this corner is concerned is how significant a role President Noynoy Aquino will allow his Vice President to play in his administration that’s sworn to banish corruption.


In my book, Senator Mar Roxas’ loss is OUR LOSS. He gave his all and stepped aside in response to the groundswell for Noynoy to run in the emotional aftermath of President Cory Aquino.s passing.

Mar backed Noynoy’s candidacy to hilt but the vagaries of politics waylaid him. 2016 will come.

When it does, Mar Roxas will not be denied.


The believer that this corner is in democracy, it is now time to close ranks and unite behind our newly elected President, and Vice President.

Having said this, the task ahead is to slay the dragon of corruption.

Messrs. Aquino, and Binay, are BOTH sworn to take on this task as our knights.


Final Update:

Tomorrow, June 9 is proclamation day!

The final efforts of Sen. Mar Roxas’ lawyers to interpose objections because of the 2.6-M null votes were voted down.

The Roxas camp is grappling with the question of filing a formal post proclamation protest before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal amid pressure from observers for Roxas to do an Al Gore.


“I am happy that the highest office in the land has already been decided with a clear and overwhelming mandate. Binabati ko po ang aking standard-bearer, si President-elect Noynoy Aquino. Wala na pong duda sa kanyang tagumpay. From day one, the success of his campaign has been as important to me as the success of my own. Karangalan ko po ang maging bahagi ng isang matagumpay, tapat, at malinis na kampanya. Karangalan ko po ang patuloy na pagtulong sa tagumpay ng sambayanang Pilipino sa pamumuno ng administrasyong Aquino.

“Taos-puso po akong nagpapasalamat sa lahat ng matiyagang pumila na nabilang na ang mga boto; sa humigit-kumulang 14 na milyong sumuporta sa aking kandidatura; pati na rin sa humigit-kumulang tatlong milyong Pilipinong hindi nabilang ang boto sa Congressional Canvass. Kahit kailan ay hindi ko po tatalikuran ang aking sagradong obligasyon sa inyo.

“Utang ng loob ko po sa inyo na ipaglaban ang isang matapat at kumpletong bilangan, kasama na ang pag-usisa sa napakalaking bilang ng null votes sa eleksyon sa pagka-Bise Presidente. I have instructed my lawyers to gather records and evidence, and to study and prepare towards the possibility of filing an electoral protest. We have 30 days to do this. I owe it to our people to ensure that the electoral process will truly be an instrument of their will. Nananatili pong bukas ang pinto sa anumang pagkilos na hihilingin sa akin ng humigit-kumulang sa labing-apat na milyong Pilipinong sumuporta sa ating kilusan para sa makabuluhang pagbabago.

“Beyond anything else, the Filipino people may rest assured that I stand firmly on the principle that has guided my entire political career: Country above self.

“Bayan bago sarili. Para sa akin, hindi po ito campaign slogan lamang. Ito po ay isang batayang paninindigan. This principle will be my bedrock as I work to ensure that that the agenda for reform that President-Elect Noynoy Aquino and I painstakingly laid out will push through.

“Let us all rally behind the leadership of President-elect Noynoy Aquino. It is my sincere prayer that the change our candidates swore to bring about in the campaign will be fulfilled. It is my pledge to continue to do everything within my power to support the people’s agenda under an Aquino administration.”

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