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Noynoy Aquino, President (2nd Update)

June 9, 2010

The son has risen.

So it is that the only son of martyred Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr and Philippine democracy heroine Cory Aquino has come into his own – proclaimed as the Republic’s 15th President and first-ever bachelor (never been married) Chief Executive.

The Noynoy presidency is one on many firsts – most notably perhaps it being a victory with the biggest ever margin over the runner-up at 5.7-million votes, Aquino obtaining over 15 million of the 34 million votes cast in the Philippines’ first ever end-to-end computer aided elections.

Sure the automated vote counting and canvassing set up had excruciating birth pains and was still accompanied by the age-old practices of vote buying and intimidation by paid goons.

But by and large the incidents of alleged fraud did not come wholesale.

The vote for Noynoy was surely a protest vote – a protest against Gloria Mcapagal Arroyo, and a vote of hope – hope that Noynoy’s political battle cry ‘Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap’ will indeed bring a new dawn.

Aquino’s landslide victory arms his presidency with massive political capital and while there have been minor messaging missteps his 6-year term gives his administration’s avowed reformist agenda the impetus to more than just plant seeds but for upright and sturdy pillars of good governance to take root.

For so long the Philippines has leaned on the money sent home by Filipino migrant workers for its economy to survive.

It is time for the homeland to create new wealth internally and this will come only if the Aquino presidency will restore genuine political stability, level the economic playing field and root out corruption in government.

Noynoy Aquino has this historic chance to provide the leadership that Filipinos have only managed to dream of for too long.

As the son has risen, so can his Nation, our Nation, rise and rise proudly.

Flush from his proclamation as President-elect, Aquino made unequivocal statements on several vital issues:

On the military promotions bypassed by the Commission on Appointments:

With the caveat that all of those who have been presented to the Commission on Appointments, with the exception of the chief of staff, have no issues before them, after a cursory review we will resubmit their appointments so that those who are deserving will be considered and fulfill the requirements of the Constitution and thereby get their appropriate ranks. This is with the exception of the chief of staff who, at the present time, with his comments and insinuations does not indicate a harmonious relationship with us. There have been intermediaries. (Lt. Gen Delfin Bangit) He knows where I am coming from. I understand what he needs. We will work for the betterment of the institution and the stability of the country. He will not be the chief of staff.

On GMA’s midnight appointments:

We need to determine how many positions are really needed. Also, all lawyers will agree that the power to appoint also carries with it the power to dismiss.That has been decided in so many precedent-setting cases. I will probably ask all these people to give me a free hand in reorganizing all of the positions attributable to presidential appointees. Mahirap naman po na sa umpisa pa lang eh may mamimili kung susunod o di susunod.

On VP Binay’s expressed desire to be named DILG secretary:

I have several candidates for DILG. I will talk to him and we will come to something mutually agreeable.

On his ascension to the presidency:

I am a little anxious, a little eager to solve the problems besetting our countrymen. It is not total joy at this point in time but we are proud of how our countrymen stood their ground and produced this campaign and this victory despite the odds.

Very well said.

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  1. attymariz permalink
    June 9, 2010 3:27 pm

    To the newly proclaimed 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines: While we remember your father to have once said: “The Filipinos are worth dying for”; may this God given time for you make the Filipinos proud and experience that this country is worth living for.

  2. nandyy permalink
    June 15, 2010 7:52 pm

    So far, Pres.-elect Aquino has not taken off his presidential candidate’s clothes. I hope he will eventually adopt the posture of a leader, the President of everybody, whether or not they voted for him.

    Also, if only to honor his parents and the values they represent, he must not lose the basic courtesies to all people regardless of whether or not this people have wronged him, in actuality or in the imaginary realm.

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