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What ‘Joint Cabinet Meeting’?

June 15, 2010

It’s really hard to let go.

Especially if you’ve been on the throne… errrh executive chair for practically a decade and enjoyed (even abused) its perks and prerogatives.

Rightly so, President-elect Noynoy Aquino has thumbed his nose at that ‘joint Cabinet meeting’ hogwash of a proposal which her imperial GMA expressed readiness to “host”.

P’Noy spotted the PR stunt right off, noting that there cannot be a meeting of two Cabinets on the 29th of June as his own official family only comes into being upon his own inaugural at noon of the next day!

So what’s the exiting Cabinet gonna do?

Elena Bautista-Horn, Presidential Management Staff director general:

Of course it would not be easy to just let go of nine years of being together. Let us just wait and see what would happen on June 29. We will discuss the changes in the transition blueprint that would be turned over to the next administration. Of course we’d like the last Cabinet meeting to be short and quick – basically, just to summarize our reports to be given to the next government. And probably we would be having some cocktails because this would be the last meeting of the members of the official family.

The newly married ex-classmate of GMA left something out of their agenda.

Ms. Bautista-Horn neglected to say that they’ll be ‘hard at work’ reviewing and even perhaps antedating more midnight appointments of GMA loyalists to sinecures fund by public money!!!

The figure was nearing the 300-mark as last tracked by the new media.

Malacanang’s spinmeisters last week even voiced an “appeal” for the incoming administration “to spare the rank and file” from those whose courtesy resignations are being sought.


GMA is conjuring  up a specter of P’Noy instituting a massacre in the buresaucracy.

Surely the professionals have nothing to worry about.

Now as for the midnight appointees…

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  1. nandyy permalink
    June 15, 2010 10:26 am

    That would have been nice and with Ms. Dinky Soliman leading the valedictory song . . . “If we hold on together.”


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