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Of Midnight Appointments And New Dawns

June 17, 2010

With countries friendly the Philippines interestedly watching, and acknowledging, the huge electoral mandate won by P-Noy, the subalterns of outgoing President GMA are beginning to stand down, particularly her slew of midnight appointees.

The most prominent civilian personality on the list thus far is Mr. Ephraim Genuino, the head of state-owned gaming firm PAGCOR.

On the other end of the pecking order, even Gloria’s manicurist who was given a job at housing agency PAG-BIG with a monthly pay check of PhP 130,000 also declined her midnight designation.

Nothing’s been heard from the Malacanang gardener who was posted to the National parks development body.

But one uniformed guy now packing his bags is Lt. Genera; Delfin Bangit who’s retiring well ahead of his 56th birthday to give P-Noy the free hand to pick his military Chief of Staff.

We have to applaud Messrs Genuino and Bangit, plus the manicurist.

Delicadeza has been such a rare commodity in the exiting regime that the actions of these three people refreshes and gives hope.

The transition teams now meeting with the various attached agencies of the Office of the President handing in their exit reports.

We are now hearing that President Arroyo herself has sent quiet signalS for her midnight appointees to take the cue for their exit and submit courtesy resignations.
They better.

(There is a ‘public posturing’ statement’ on this from the Malacanang spokesman who was reported to have said officials “cannot just be asked to resign without cause”. He is dead wrong.)

Under the law, particularly the Revised Administrative Code, the President as head of the Executive Department has the potent residual power to revamp agencies and revisit the qualifications of the personages in such offices.

The Civil Service Commission knows this full well and those who are political appointees serve at the expressed pleasure of the Chief Executive.

No need to be embarrassingly dragged out shouting and kicking.

To her credit, Mrs. Arroyo, in recent days, been exhibiting a more agreeable mood and countenance.

A new dawn is upon the Land.

For a change, let our hopes soar and smiles rule.

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