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Of Traffic Rules And Social Reform

July 11, 2010

President Noynoy Aquino is talking the talk and walking the walk.

But Filipinos grown cynical with our past leaders are seemingly ambivalent.

No opinion surveys are our yet, but online discussions about the President practicing his “no wangwang (siren), no counter-flow policy are swinging like a pendulum.

The overwhelming majority (judging from social media and blog postings) laud the presidential policy as emblematic of P.Noy’s view that the Filipino people are his boss and that this is now the new administration will conduct the business of governance during the next six years.

And there are the cynics and never-say die supporters of the past regime who dismiss President Aquino’s  practice of patiently stopping at the intersections like any ordinary mortal as “political gimmickry appreciated only by boneheads, (direct quote).”

When this writer posted this image above showing Mr. Aquino’s convoy stopping at an intersection, what was commented on was how the vehicles had stopped a little past the edge of the cross walk and that it was technically a traffic infraction.

Catch 22 huh? Damn if you do, damn if you don’t?

A word of caution for the Chief Executive, though.

This practice of his, worthy of emulation as it is, must not compromise his personal security and those of other motorists.

There will always be wackos.

Presidential security should now be devising a workable compromise.

This will not be easy.

But unless ordinary Filipinos follow the President’s example, when will we, each of us, become the change we want our society, our country to be?

Should we all instead emulate demands for better furnished offices ‘worthy’ of high office and ask that we be given official residences?

Your choice.

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  1. bencard permalink
    July 12, 2010 2:06 am

    ding, i just wish you learn how to make proper attribution when you make a direct quote. must i have everything i write copyrighted to be protected? i mean no offense but if you get offended by this comment, so be it. just don’t call me a cynic. you know me better than that. whatever, i still think this is a government of gimmickry and cheap publicity, focused on trivialities rather than matters of national importance. this “magsaysay” style of leadership may have had some success in the early 50’s but are now anachronistic. it’s passe’ mostly because the public is more sophisticated. it can analyze and criticize with more intelligence.

    • July 12, 2010 2:34 am

      Oh bencard, bencard your vintage irascible character is much in evidence. “Copyright protect” you comment as if there was an attempt to misappropriate it? No need. Since you assert readiness to be identified, so you have it. You feel cynic is wrong? That’s my mild opinion. Want something harsh? Settle for misinformed. But as this is my site, so I will refrain desist from descending to your usual style of crass name calling over at FV. Fine with you? God bless and glad to know you’re recovered from… 🙂

      • bencard permalink
        July 12, 2010 3:11 am

        ding, at least you didn’t censor me. must be the professional newsman in you. thanks.

  2. July 12, 2010 7:12 am

    I may not agree with you but as Voltaire so eloquently taught us, I’l defend your right to say what you feels and believe ‘to the death’. 🙂

    My only guidepost is civility. 🙂

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