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A Journalist Blogger’s Weapon Of Choice: The iPhone 3GS

July 13, 2010

What’s this iPhone 3GS screenshot doing in a journalist blog?

Been postponing this entry given how your Midfielder shuns talking about his full shift to on-line political writing.

But I’ve found that if you equip the powerful iPhone 3GS with the correct on-line news tracking, research, word processing and on-line publishing app you can practically set aside your traditional road warrior’s trusty laptop!

More often than not, I’m able to do my blog drafts on my smartphone, tweak the images that accompany the post and upload my entry using just my thumb!

Any bumps that come are mainly from my telco’s erratic bandwidth integrity and when my WIFI goes on a tantrum.

Enter iOS 4.0 and my phone’s desktop clutter disappears with this writer able to pre-select the apps he can leave running or those instantly bootable on the desktop and not ‘foldered’.

So in between monitoring events as they happen and comparing news reports from the break of dawn till past sundown, the iPhone 3GS has become my weapon of choice.

Oh, one mustn’t forget.

Its camera can now take great stills and film audio and video with a thumb flick!

No better way to capture fast-moving events if one should chance upon them.

About the quirky antenna architecture being… well that’s another story that Steve Jobs and his wonder boys will sort out soon, I trust.

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