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Will Romy Neri Plead No Contest?

July 17, 2010

Social Security System president Romulo Neri has me scratching my head.

He’s previously been reported as saying he won’t be anyone’s martyr.

But now he’s declared in open court that he’s innocent of graft charges oner the botched $329-M NBN-ZTE scam.

By deciding to tough it, the bachelor that Mr. Neri is truly values his latest debt of gratitude to now Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for his near midnight transfer to the SSS from his short-lived sideways promotion to the Commission on Higher Education – the move occasioned by his ignominious exit from the National Economic Development Authority.

There had been some applause after Neri revealed then COMELEC Chairman Benjamin

Abalos’ now immortal, “Sec may two hundred ka ditto,” bribe attempt.

Neri’s  lawyer says that “expose” by his client will be the cornerstone of their defense.

But Neri’s Atty Paul Lentejas is also not discounting the option of filing a demurer to the evidence that the procution will present.

In a demurer to evidence, the accused asks the court to decide the case based on the evidence submitted by the prosecution.

Will Neri just offer himself up on the altar as willing scapegoat?

Or will he at the last minute reveal what exactly GMA told him to do.

The substance of their conversation is now longer covered by executive privege, Neri must know.

May be he should hie off to Hong Kong to get new instructions.

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