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The PAGCOR And Its Vanishing Burger And Chicken Meals

July 19, 2010

It may be too early to make any conclusions.
But there’s a case of vanishing combo burger and fried chicken meals bought for policemen pressed for crowd control duties at recent unspecified public events.

Simple computations made by a broadcast journalist are pointing to 24,000 orders of the combo meals supposedly supplied to the Philippine National Police for the national capital region even as there are 15,000 cops in the NCR police office, leaving an extra 9,000 burger/chicken meals ‘missing’.

These findings are getting factored in as part of the fine toothed comb the new management at PAGCOR (Philippine Amusements  and Gaming Corporation) is using to look into possible hocus pocus in the state gambling firm’s finances.

Nothing wrong really for PAGCOR to extend charity to our policemen.

But it’s hard not to see this missing burger and chicken meals case against the backdrop of 10,000 cops set for deployment on July the 26th to maintain public order and security for

President Noynoy Aquino’s first SONA.

Militants are already hollering that the security cordon is an overkill especially as we have a hugely popular chief executive now in contrast to the recent past.

Will our policemen also be ‘over-fed’ with invisible burgers and breaded but juicy fried chicken?

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