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Who’s Gringo Anyway?

July 19, 2010

How much genuine political currency does this former Cory Aquino-era putschist think he still has?

Honasan censuring Pres. Noynoy Aquino for supposedly “expressing an opinion that would influence the court that’s hearing the rebellion charges against Trillanes in connection with the Oakwood and Manila Peninsula incidents?

Spare us your posturings, please…

Gregorio Honasan, known supporter of failed presidential candidate Manny Villar, conveniently glosses over his past crimes and asserts that the trial of Trillanes “should not be interfered with.

We need to refresh our minds that it was during the 1987 coup attempt of Geingo’s group that the only son of Ninoy and Cory Aquino was nearly killed.

To this day, one of the bullets fired by one Honasan’s men is lodged in Noynoy’s neck!!!

Did Gringo ever own up to the crime commited by the men under his leadership???

Sure Gringo claims that theirs was “principled battle to win reforms in the Armed Forces.”

But what reforms is he really talking about when our military remains poorly equipped and hobbled by corruption??

Don’t misunderstand.

This writer is not a fan of Sonny Trillanes who has been prevented from attending Senate sessions because he alleged crime is non-bailable.

But for Gringo to say that the President’s call for a re-investigation of the possible injustice in the manner the Arroyo regime charged Trillanes is utterly hypocritical and driven by his own partisan leanings.

Zip it up, Gringo.

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