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The Murder of Asria Samad Abdul

July 20, 2010

Asria Samad Abdul is a Filipina domestic helper who was tortured and eventually murdered by her employers in Kuwait in July 2010.

According to this Arab Times report her body was found near a horse stables area in Kabad on Thursday, July 15, 2010:

Detectives belonging to Ahmadi CID have unraveled the murder mystery of a Filipino woman whose corpse was found near horse stables area in Kabad on Thursday.
Sources say the sleuths managed to identify the victim as a housemaid who worked for a Kuwaiti family. The family had returned the maid to a domestic workers’ office over three months ago.

Officers came to know that another Kuwaiti woman had hired the maid using a stolen ID card and fictitious phone numbers. The woman, who stays in Salwa, later confessed that she and her husband maltreated the maid on a daily basis. When they feared that the maid would die, they took her in their car to the stables area and crushed her under their vehicle to give an impression that she was run over by a motorist. The woman’s husband also corroborated her confession.

Earlier, when officers reached the address the woman gave at the domestic workers’ office, they found another woman who had no clue about the victim. They then discovered that the suspects stole the ID card of the woman to employ the victim. After a lot of effort, investigation men finally managed to reach the suspects and arrested them. Officers found out that the woman had earlier maltreated several other housemaids.

Filipino journalist Ares Gutierrez, who is based in Dubai, says initial reports they are getting is that Asria was a victim of human trafficking

This means she must have been brought to Kuwait by illegal recruiters.

Sadly, our diplomats in Kuwait have not said much except that they are “monitoring the case closely.”

Help by calling the attention of our embassy here:

Paging Foreign Affairs Undersecretary for Migrant Affairs Esteban Conejos and Ambassador Ricardo Endaya.

Let us make a concerted effort to prod our embassy in Kuwait to immediate act and make public what they are doing to find justice for Asria.

Now na!

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