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‘Tito’ Noy And His New Web Site

August 17, 2010

This is surely work in progress.

So it’s really not surprising  that Version 1.0 of President Noynoy Aquino’s website is getting mixed reviews.

And the mixed reviews will continue to do so as the style, and substance of his governance evolves and how positively it impacts on the lives of the other 98% of Filipinos who are alien to the World Wide Web.

What IS material is whether the policies and messages enunciated through the quad media – print, radio, TV, and new media (the Internet and its social networking permutations) translate into action.

Most laudable is how the SocNets – Twitter, Facebook, Plurk – are being harnessed as a two-way feedback-cum-Action Line mechanism of the Chief Executive who now prefers that his ‘bosses’ call him Tito Noy, a throwback to how his revered lat mother was every Filipino’s Tita Cory.

As packaging goes, the messaging will continue to evolve and hopefully assure that the Perception matches the Reality of Tito Noy’s leadership over the next 6 years.

A quick review of the Nagbabaga (Burning) issues/concerns facing the President and how he is responding:

Malacanang has now changed its line and says President Aquino will be ready to involve himself is resolving the Hacienda Luisita controversy with the Supreme Court hearing on the SDO set for tomorrow, the 18th of August;

The Administration is now open to the idea of amending the Constitution as an avenue for resolving the secessionist bid of Moro rebels in Mindanao given how the Arroyo regime bungled the peace process;

The President has now held the projected 250+ % hike in tollway fees in abeyance with the EVAT on the toll fees TRO’d by the Supreme Court;

Malacanang’s own Communication Group is grappling about just how soon it can return the long sequestered Broadcast City networks RPN and IBC to willing and able private owners so these can no longer be misused as government propaganda platforms, and milking cows while the employees are left unpaid and the equipment  wither away;

The list is growing  by the day, with the latest being the restiveness among officers belonging to PMA Class of 1978 – the batch which has Gloria Arroyo as honorary Mistah.

There are also loud coffee shop whispers and loud private dinner discussions that range from disappointment to anger over the perception that new influence peddlers are bragging about their real or imagined closeness/influence with the Palace;

That’s Philippine society for you.

We can’t expect that these rumblings will be addressed all at the same time, and certainly not via the website of the President.

But it may be worth considering that an ‘Intelligencer’ tab be added to it eventually so that confidential submissions can be tracked and addressed as necessary.

The President’s strategists must monitor the emerging ‘smoke’ to find out where there is a real fire or fires due to legitimate cause/s (socio-economic and political) or if these are the handiwork of political arsonists.


President of the Philippines

The launch of

(Malacañan Palace, Manila, August 16, 2010)

I am happy to announce the launch of the official website of the Office of the President, as part of our commitment to transparency. It is my hope that by means of this website, along with the website of the Official Gazette and other projects that we will launch in the near future, we will be able to continue to engage the citizenry in transforming a government that truly serves the people.

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