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Filipino Berdugos (2nd Update)

August 18, 2010


But what’s thoroughly condemnable is the fact that the inquisitor/torturer is a police officer from Manila.

Sure the officer in question is now the object of intense investigation and all the men in this precinct in Manila have been sent for so-called reorientation while the Commission on Human Rights has taken on the case.

But will the malefactors really get nailed in the end beyond being summarily dismissed from the service they’ve dishonoured?

Or will this incident that’s probably emblematic of a pervasive practice be forgotten after today’s screaming headlines are replaced by ‘bigger’ news???

The torture victim here supposed earned the ire of his tormentors for being a notorious thief.

Where is he now? Did he die from the ordeal as claimed by the anonymous witness?

Who holds that phone camera filming the crime?

Who is that certain Senior Inspector Joselito Binayog of the police community precinct in Asuncion, Tondo tagged by the witness???

Your Midfielder cannot but equate this case with the hundreds of murders blamed on Davao’s death squads.

One shudders at the thought of how summary justice is meted out by people of authority on citizens tagged as notorious criminals.

This is justice in the Philippines.

1st Update

Pres. Aquino is reassuring Filipinos that torture is not state policy and that those police officers involved, while presumed innocent until proven guilty, will certainly be investigated, and prosecuted to the hilt.

This was understandably just the initial reaction of the Chief Executive who told reporters he had not yet seen the filmed crime.

Right thinking citizens are in rage over the cae but quite others are saying criminals deserve no mercy.

Methinks such attitudes reflects how ordinary Filipinos have grown weary over pervasive crime and the dysfunctional criminal justice system.

But we simply cannot allow the situation to further deteriorate.

Chaos and the rule of the jungle can never be the alternative.

In weeks previous, the Philippines has been mentioned in the foreign press mainly in the hopeful aftermath of our successful elections.

Now this:

Apart from Cable News Network, Al Jazeera network also reported the gruesome incident:


Police have now positively identified the torture victim as one Darius Evangelista who was reported to have been arrested in March for holding up a jeepney.

It’s also been ascertained the the place of torture was the police precinct in Asuncion, Tondo.

The supposef torturer, Sr. Supt Joselito Banayug is denying that he’s the one in the highly offending video.

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