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Stand Down, Admiral Angue

August 20, 2010

So what’s he really bitching about?

Not content with his assignment to head naval forces in Western Mindanao, the two-star officer says he’s actually the victim of discrimination for being a PMA Class ’78 mistah.

Yes, this is the batch seen as having been coddled by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in return for the alleged active collaboration of its key members in the fraud-ridden, Hello Garci-maneuvered 2004 elections.

In fact, it is absolutely important that the findings of the Mayuga Commission that investigated this angle now be made public as alresady ordered by Malacanang.

What’s delaying compliance with the directive, one wonders?

Paging the Truth Commission.

As for Admiral Angue, his refusal to be gagged in obeisance to the military code of conduct and defiance of his Commander in Chief has been compounded by assertions that restiveness is spreading in the military.

So now he’s floating pending further disciplinary action by the AFP’s high command.

To be fair, Angue’s claims may have some basis.

But unless such assertions are substantiated, they are simply a crock of BS.

Mr. Angue is absolutely wrong to believe that he can get away with brandishing the same brand of politicking he is accusing his bosses are doing.

More than this, however, the admiral is wittingly waving the specter of military adventurism against the new administration.

He is absolutely clueless that genuine winds of positive change are sweeping the country and any hint of military-backed destabilization will not gain support.

The Aquino Administration is just completing the second month of his 6-year tour of duty.

There may be perceived missteps as far as public pronouncements being premature and not yet fully backed by clearly laid down policy road maps.

But President Noynoy Aquino and his team are getting there in resolute fashion and unquestionable sincerity.

The clear message for Admiral Angue and other similarly misguided elements: Stand Down.


This corner’s call to the obstinate Admiral find resonance here:

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