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Of Beauty Queens And Killer Buses

August 23, 2010

Filipinos are praying that the stunning Venus Raj will make us prouder than proud by being crowned Miss Universe 2010 in the glittering ‘Sin City’ of Las Vegas.

The truth is when the mega beauty pageant’s global broadcast begins tomorrow, the list of 15 semifinalists will already be in the hands of judge in a sealed envelope containing the votes tabulated by the contest’s contracted accountants.

There are even speculations that flashy mega-entrepreneur Donald Trump, who heads the Miss Universe Organization, has the inside track on the list and may even pick the winner.

This angle only serves to heighten audience interest in the show with Las Vegas bookmakers now busy firming up the betting odds on the pre-pageant favorites, not least of then the Filipina Venus.

For us here at home, and for Venus, there is a deeply tragic sidelight – the horrific death of Bb. Pilipinas International 2009 Melody Gersbach in a vehicular crash in Bula, Camarines Sur.

This is all that was left of Melody’s Toyata Innova van after the wayward provincial bus crushed it.

A macabre prequel to this was the equally horrific death plunge down a 150-foot ravine of apassenger bus with defective brakes in in Benguet that snuffed out 41 lives.
Just a month or so ago, a bus load of Iranian medical student were also killed in a mishap.

As I’m posting this, details are also just trickling in about a car-bus smashup on the South Luzon Expressway.

While government says it will fully investigate the incidents and hold the bus operators to account no one really knows how soon this orgy of senseless deaths will end.

Our society owes this to Melody and the other innocent victimes.

Rest in peace, Melody

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