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Creative Thievery At The MWSS

September 1, 2010

This is criminal shamelessness – the revelation that MWSS staffers pocketed 33 types of bonuses amounting to a total of P156 million out of the P242 million in the state water agency’s bonuses in 2009.

MWSS officials led by officer in charge Macra Cruz even have the gall to say they are appealing the Commission on Audit’s findings disallowing the bonus “because they can be justified based on a liberal interpretation of guidelines.”

With even drivers allowed to get car loans, the bonus include such emoluments like ‘family week benefit’, ‘privitization bonus’, ‘bigay pala’ bonus, anniversary bonus, mid-year bonus, year-end financial assistance, productivity bonus, Collective Negotiation Agreement incentive, GOCC incentive, performance enhancement bonus, corporate Christmas package, traditional Christmas bonus, calamity assistance, educational assistance, scholarship allowance, and family-week allowance.

The breakdown of their inbred generosity with OUR MONEY:

MWSS OIC received a Christmas bonus in Sept 09 plus a Christmas ‘productivity pay check of P200,000.

The rest:

Collected 13th month pay on Sept 09.

Collected grocery, “Family Week” and scholarship allowances P250,000. 2 weeks after Ondoy, claimed P100,000 in calamity assistance, another P100,000 was for “year-end
financial assistance, on Nov. 6, P130,000 Corporate Christmas Package on top of P100,0000 in Christmas bonuses on Nov. 17.

A day later, P800,000 in car loans and on Nov. 24, P100,000 productivity incentive bonus + P20,000 in PX Mart allowances.

On Dec. 10, P300,000 in financial assistance + another productivity incentive bonus of P94,000.

On Dec. 14, P143,000 in discretionary allowances + another P100,000 as a
collective negotiation agreement bonus and the next, P100,000 in “OGCC/GOCC celebration” funds and from from Dec. 17 to 22, P200,000 more in productivity bonuses.

No need to mince words here.

These self entitled folks at the MWSS,  whose board members were earlier exposed during President Noynoy Aquino‘s SONA as having also raked in gazillions in benefits, are callous to the extreme and devoid of sensitivity to the fact that up to 7 in 10 Filipinos live in abject poverty.

No need for anyone to tell you what to do, Mr. President.

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