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Of Sex Tapes And The Internet (UPDATED)

May 20, 2009

katrina at senate montage


The ‘viral’ video has been running for at least two weeks on the popular video sharing site YouTube and is offered for downloading at a known porn site.

This is why both Senator Ramon Revilla jr. and the Philippine Medical Association say the popular cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho should be investigated and if found guilty cited for serious breach of professional ethics and his license to practice medicine revoked.

The militant feminine rights group Gabriela has also entered the picture to say that sexy actress Katrina Halili has sought their help in going after Dr. Kho who allegedly misled her about having filmed the video which showed the pair dancing sensually in a dimly lit room.

There us now a slew of other “cyber-boso” clips allegedly fimed by Hayden Kho himself showing intimate encounters with other women.

Such video sex scandals are the rage across the Internet with DVD versions of set tape compilations being hawked in various places.

That such an episode as tht Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili video has sparked this new brouhaha straddling not just the entertainment industry but also the medical profession is a stark testimony to how such a powerful and ubiquitous technology as the Internet has become a force for both good and quite unsavoury events impinging on morality and basic decency.

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