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Rainy Days And Thursdays: The Manila Bulletin Captioning Snafu (Update: ABS-CBN Slipped, Too))

August 6, 2009


T’was more than a rainy Thursday for Malacanang’s press office today.

My sources tell me the place was in a tizzy over this photo captioning snafu by the Manila Bulletin which prides itself as “The Philippines’ Leading Newspaper,” the journal of record with its classifieds always brimming with government notices, the shipping schedules, want ads, and yes the obituaries.

There’s no word about how President Arroyo herself reacted to the monumental editing blunder but somebody over at the venerable MB must’ve gotten an earful explaning the “honest mistake.”

Manila Bulletin is owned, as most eveyone knows, by the venerable , Don Emilio Yap, recognized as philanthropist who prides himself with holding annual anniversary gatherings of the Bulletin attend by top police and militry generals and members of the diplomatic corps.

Don Emilio is also THE proud owner of the certified national treasure – The Manila Home, L’Grande Dame of 5-star Philippine hotels.

The voting bloc of Manila Bulletin editors and correspondent has also long been acknowledged as ‘kingmaker’ in the annual elections of the National Press Club.

The image has even landed in the widely read on-line political blog with a blogger calling in suggested captions for the image with has been photo-shopped to include Vice President Noli De Castro.

All in good fun, of course:


The image is also making the rounds in the Pinoy blogosphere here:

Red faces only last for a couple of hours but today’s captioning boo-boo will be the topic of beer sessions for years to come.


As it turns out, there also was a momentary captioning mistake during ABS-CBN’s own live coverage as caught here by an eagle-eyed viever:


As the blogger wrote:

NEWS FLASH: We were watching ABS-CBN’s Update on the death of Mrs. Aquino.
They were talking about the military honors waiting for her at De La Salle Greenhills when I saw this incorrect chargen/text on their coverage – “MILITARY HONORS PARA KAY GINANG ARROYO, INIHAHANDA NA”. Ginang Arroyo?!!! WTF!!

It happens.

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