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Filipinos Mourn Cory, As Seen From A Filipina Lensman’s Eyes

August 3, 2009

Angelica Carballo Cory Wake Montage

President Cory Aquino’s mortal remains are being transferred late this morning to the Manila Cathedral on their penultimate journey before Tita Cory is laid to her final resting place at the Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque beside her martyred husband Senator Ninoy.

That Filipinos rich or poor are lining up for up to one and a half hour to bid her goodbye at the La Salle Greenhills, braving the rain and battling through traffic is a poignant testament to the gratitude of a grateful nation.

The montage above captures the eloquence of the tribute to Tita Cory, thanks to the sharp eye of young Filipina photo-journalist Angelica Kathryn Carballo.

To Angel belongs all the credit for these masterful images!

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