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Echoes of Le Cirque As A Super Typhoon Nears (2ND Update: Shakeup at LWUA!)

October 1, 2009


Malaya newspaper has an exclusive report that’s quite certain to spark outrage.

It’s reporting that the Local Water Utilities Administration celebrated its 36th anniversary Wednesday in apparent utter disregard for the disaster wreaked by storm Ondoy, and as we brace for super typhoon Pepeng.

The key details:

malaya mast

LWUA ordered 500 reservations for cocktails and 250 reservations for a seven-course dinner buffet from Henry’s Catering Service.
A check with menu showed the catering cost about P200,000 (at P510++, P530++ to P610++ per head).
The celebration, complete with a live band, was held at the LWUA main office on Katipunan avenue, Balara, Quezon City, which was one of the worst hit by Ondoy floods.

LWUA HENRY'S CATERING MONTAGE (This is a conceptual composite.)

The menu consisted of baked mussels with olive oil and garlic as appetizer, “sinigang” soup, and roast pig.
The main course included “kare-kare,” chicken barbeque, squid “salpicado,” spinach with chicken and garlic, “pancit” sotanghon (or canton guisado) and steamed jasmine rice.
Desserts included fresh seasonal fruit platter and “buko pandan” salad.
Assorted sodas, “guinumis” and home-brewed iced tea were also served.

The food was reportedly distributed to some 400 employees of the agency headed by Malacanng ally, former congressman Prospero Pichay.
Malaya says “President Arroyo arrived at 9 p.m.”

A check by this writer lists the address of Henry’s Catering Services as 22 Mt. Bolivar St. Filinvest I, Batasan Hills.

This post will be updated.

1st Update:

I got a call several minutes ago from the LWUA administrator himself, Mr. Pichay.

Calmly, he said:

The Malaya report is biased and unfair.

Our side was not sought. If they did they would have realized thast contrary to the claim of their ;source’, the affair was simple and auster and was help in the LWUA covered basketball ourt.

It as actually the occasion for us to sign a mnemorandum of agreement with the LWUA and tht DENR for our agency to undertake a massive nationwide reforestation of the watershed areas where there are LWUA water districts.

We are going to plant some 30 million trees as LWUA’s modest contribution to conserving the environment. Is that bad?

It’s unfortunate that good news like this is not given importance in the mainstream press.

I’m taking the former congressman at his word.

I hope this focus of the LWUA continues even if ‘Butch’ decides to make anither run for the Senate.

Nuff said, for now.

2nd Update

The news leaks about the LWUA anniversary bash has reportedly resulted in seemingly vengeful actions from the LWU management.

Malaya newspaper now reports:

In wake of LWUA party, heads roll
HEADS rolled at the Local Water Utilities Administration after its 36th founding anniversary celebration, which critics described as “extravagant,” was leaked to media last week.
A source said Teodoro Reynoso and Victor Alerta of the Public Affairs Department were sacked and remanded to their former lower positions.
Reynoso is the acting department manager. He was with the institutional and media relations division.
Alerta is the acting manager of the media production division. He was with media relations.
Another source said the two may have earned the ire of LWUA chief Prospero Pichay.
“Yun na nga ang tingin ng mga tao dito. Napag-initan talaga sila ni Pichay,” the source said.


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