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Ted Failon Warns: If The Situation Becomes Unbearable “I Might Be Driven To Commit Suicide”

April 23, 2009


Trina Arteche Etong has finally been cremated and relatives and friends have paid her their final respects

Now observers are seeing cracks in the quiet veneer that has enveloped the Etongs and Arteches since the wife of the Ted Failon succumbed to her gunshot wound to the head.

Ted Failon has revealed a long-standing “resentment” among his late wife’s kinfolk dating back to when he and Trina eloped.

He has even raised the spectre of committing suicide if things become unbearable.

Meanwhile, even the NBI has become the object of intrigue.

The popular news anchor says the family feud stems from how how a young man’ of humble origins like him captured the heart of Trina, a winsome member of the big, politically-prominent Arteche clan of Tacloban.

The broadcaster revealed that he eloped with her when she was only 18 and in first year college.

Trina never finished her studies, he said.

Ted’s eldest daughter Kaye was also quoted in news accounts as having made a call for unity amog unnamed family members.

Kaye said her mother’s death should start the reconciliation of their whole family, and that her mother used herself to “once and for all settle (their) differences.”

“We have to forgive each other, whatever happened, whatever was said or done in the past,” Kaye said.

The NBI has not said anything publicly about the angle of a ‘family feud’ but will likely look into it as it sifts deeper in its probe into the gunplay that claimed Trina’s life and what drove her to take her own life.

Besides the suicide angle, investigators are also considering parricide because the scene of the incident and the car that was used to rush Trina to the hospital were all cleaned up even before investigators could take a look at them.

It was not Failon but the hospital that reported the incident.

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