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A Harvest Of Public Mistrust

June 8, 2009

gma mistrusted montage

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is only the second female to become President of our young Republic which turns 111 years old on June 12.

But now  comes this report: one out of every two Filipinos mistrust her.

This latest data gathered by Pulse Asia is being released right as various citizens groups are mobilizing to hold sustained demonstrations to voice out public opposition to the railroaded House Resolution that seeks to convene a Constituent Assembly to amend the 1987 Constitution minus the concurrence of the Senate.

The Pulse Asia report reads in part:

As in the case of public approval, Vice-President de Castro gains the highest overall trust rating (48%) among the country’s top government officials. In contrast, it is President Arroyo who scores the highest disapproval and distrust ratings (48% and 46%, respectively). Conversely, House Speaker Nograles obtains the lowest overall trust rating (17%) while Vice-President de Castro has the lowest overall distrust score (22%). Additionally, indecision is the plurality sentiment on the matter of trusting or distrusting Senate President Enrile (42%), Supreme Court Chief Justice Puno (43%), and House Speaker Nograles (44%)


Comparing her to other high ranking public officials, Pulse Asia goes further to report:

Vice-President de Castro is the most trusted top national government official across geographic areas and socio-economic groupings (38% to 57%) while President Arroyo is the most distrusted in most of these sub-groupings (42% to 67%).  President Arroyo and House Speaker Nograles obtain nearly the same distrust ratings in the rest of Luzon (43% versus 39%). Between February and May 2009, President Arroyo’s distrust ratings in Class ABC and the Visayas go up by 12 and 13 percentage points, respectively. Meanwhile, Vice-President de Castro’s indecision ratings drop (-13 percentage points) and his distrust ratings increase (+18 percentage points) in the Visayas.

comparative trust ratings pulse asia

The Pulse Asia report high readability must surely be instructive to all given how 11 months are left in the term of this President.

She and her handlers, and allies can choose to ignore the proverbial handwriting on the wall at their peril and the ever-diminishing sanity in the Philippines’ body politic.

Not to be ignored as well is this portion in the findings:

Senate President Enrile’s trust ratings decline in Class ABC and the Visayas (-10 and -14 percentage points, respectively) while public indecision becomes more pronounced (+11 percentage points) in the Visayas between February and May 2009. In the case of House Speaker Nograles, he scores a lower trust rating in the Visayas (10% versus 20%) while he obtains a higher indecision rating from those in Class E (44% versus 34%) in May 2009 than February 2009. As for Supreme Court Chief Justice Puno, there is an increase in his trust ratings in Mindanao (+11 percentage points) but a drop is recorded in Class ABC (-11 percentage points). Moreover, public ambivalence on the matter of trusting or distrusting the Supreme Court Chief Justice becomes more manifest (+13 percentage points) in Metro Manila between February and May 2009 while there is an increase in distrust ratings in Class ABC (+12 percentage points).

The alarm bells are sounding as well for Chief Justice Reynato Puno given his recent highly political unveiling of the New Moral Force movement which, despite his denials, is widely perceived to be a launching pad for his entry into the political arena.

Where are our pied pipers (mis)leading us to?

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